Faculty of Arts - Department of History

Male Students


A. Dr. Abdulla Aqeel Angawi
Islamic history and the mediator (Mamluk)

A. Dr. Abdul Wahab Saleh Babair
Modern History (East Island)

A. Mohamed Thunayyan
Modern history (Arabian Peninsula)

D. Abdullah bin Omar Bin Siraj Mansy
Modern history (Arabian Gulf)

 Dr. Mohammad Saleh Al-Tassan
Islamic history (the Fatimid state)

Dr. Al-Hamad a Khathlan.
History of Islam (Islam in East Africa)

 D. Ibrahim Abdulaziz Aljomaih
Islamic history (of the Umayyad dynasty)

 D. Turki al-Harthi Ajlan
Modern History

Dr. Abdul Aziz Mohammed AL-ghanemy
Modern history (modern and contemporary ORBEY)

 D. Hani Abdul Ilah Al Zamel a Muhanna.
Modern History

D. Abdul Rahman Saad Al-Orabi
Modern History

 D. Dawi bin Awwad. AL-Sulamy
Modern History

D. Omar Mohamed A. Yahya.
Date and mediator (Muslim / BE)

Dr. Mohamed Salem  Baamer.
Join an intermediary (Ayoubi and Mamluk)

 Dr. Fouad Mohammed Momenah
Ancient history (the Arabs before Islam)

 D. Mohammed Hamdan AL-sraee
Islamic History

A. Marwan Ghazi Saleh Shoaib
Ancient history

A. Khaled Abdullah Ali Alkrere
Modern History

A. Khalid Abdullah Al-Muhanna


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