University Emblem




In the year 1386 (1996 A.D.) the university announced the beginning of a competition for the university’s emblem. Many artists from in and out of the country submitted their drawings to be evaluated by :
Mr Mohsen Ahmed Baroom         Chief Trustee of the University
Abbas Saleh Tashqandi                Assistant of Library Manager 
The best three drawings that were chosen were submitted by:
1. Eng. Ahmed Shawky Ashy
2. Artist Adnan El Hag
3. Artist Abdel Halim Radwa

A final decision was reached after some modifications were made to the emblem submitted by Artist Abdel Halim Radwa  King Abdul Aziz University.

The university’s emblem consists of the following elements:
1. The lighthouse: Symbolizes Jeddah as a main port for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
2. The shield:  Shield of  science and  knowledge .
3. The feather: Symbol of creativity
4. The book: Symbolizes the Holy Quran.
5. University Name: It was placed in the shape of a boat like frame to symbolize a marine environment.

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