The scientific advancement of any nation is measured by its ability to keep track with present times’ changes and challenges by acquiring the available knowledge on Man, the universe and life in general as well as by conducting necessary research to insure sustainability for its development and advancement. For that the level of scientific advancement for any nation represents the scientific research reserve available to its survival at that particular time. It also represents the ability of its community to make better use of that reserve towards development processes that can help achieve sought contemporary and future life objectives’ fulfillment. We can therefore say that there is no development without research and no advancement without science. The developed countries success owes its achievements to their realization of the focal reality that scientific research is the basis of advancement. When we speak about scientific research, we do not mean natural science only; but also the important role of social sciences as, in fact, all societies need accurate social knowledge to be able to build their own fortress future. The interaction and coordination among both scientists in natural sciences and scientists in social sciences and humanities is an important condition for the sound building of any society. Such interaction and coordination will help achieve unity and complementarity in science and knowledge. It is therefore a priority to give experienced scientists the opportunity and support to contribute in the construction of this nation’s society as well as planners, economists, and technicians. They all should be given the freedom to communicate with the scientific community. Thus, the interest in scientific research is no longer an issue solely limited to scientists and specialists in science and technology but has become a common domain that concerns thinkers, decision maker and the public opinion as well. Such general involvement is due to the fact that scientific research is now looked at from the stand point of its revenue to the community and its contribution to the community confrontation of present times’ challenges and acute demands on scientific research and technology.

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