Privacy Policy - Electronic Publishing Policy on King Abdulaziz University Website

The site of King Abdulaziz University is an electronic publishing platform for all employees of the university sectors and should be used for the benefit of the university,  its employees and its different sectors. Such publishing should not prejudice in any way the reputation of the university and its employees or expose them to legal repercussions. Therefore, publication policies outlined in this document should be imperatively observed.

Publication Responsibility: (based on Article 14 of the Regulations of the activity of electronic publishing)

Sectors and individuals to whom websites have been hosted bear full responsibility for content of the site, files, and all what is published on their sites based on the authorities granted to them at their request and after the application of university policies in hosting official websites.

- The head of each of the King Abdul Aziz University sectors is solely responsible for the accuracy of the content of their WebPages and the designated department in charge of the  forums through the supervising of the coordinator responsible for adding  and updating the sector’s information.

- Sectors or individuals should use the sites for its intended purposes and based on the authority that has been granted to them, as this site has been originated under the main site for the University and bears the university name.

 Property and publishing rights:

All content published in the pages of the university site must comply with copyright and electronic publishing policy of the university and this includes but not limited to the following:

 - Research published in scientific conferences and scientific journals.

 - Books and literature in electronic formats.

 - Any electronic items not owned by the owner of the page and that have copyright.

 - Sectors  must ensure, before publishing any contents or captions taken from other sites not to violate the other site copyright, as sectors bear all the responsibilities arising from their action.

 - We emphasize the need for a commitment to intellectual property rights and publishing of all pictures, logos and text that are uploaded on the website according to the publishing policy of King Abdul Aziz University and warn against copying or quoting any pictures, logos and texts and filed in the site without reference to their origin and bear the all responsibility of violating the policy.


Publishing policy faculty sites:

All personal faculty members’ websites are subject to publishing policy based on the university website. All the ideas, opinions and content published on their sites are subject to full control by the faculty member, who bears full responsibility and do not represent the university in any way.

 Rules of content writing in the website pages:

Content should be appropriate and free from the following:

 - Any material that contains an improper tone style of an offensive or obscene or racist or threatening, whether in the form of a  text or image.

 - Any material that goes against the regulations of the State and the university or community norms.

 - Any material that represents an exposure to other people's privacy in any way.

 - Any use of the site as a forum to gather opinion about any other entity or other person or lodge grievances.

 - Strict observance of the rules governing  the language use in create pages, or electronic article and ensure accuracy and freedom from errors.

 - Insure updated information: maintain an update content of the pages and different materials so as to ensure timeliness at the  time of the visit. This includes news and contact information, phone numbers and e-mail and  material description and other information.

  Changes to the website and disclaimers:

The University reserves the right to change the information contained on the Website at any time without notice. Although we do our best to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the website, however,  we can not guarantee the accuracy or provide any warranties of any kind whatsoever with respect to the website or its contents (including any text, graphics, advertisements, links or other.. )

 Moreover, the university does not provide any express or implied warranty, regarding the absence of viruses or defects in the material contained in the Website or regarding provision of these services without interruption or errors.

 Changes that can occur to this policy:

In order to maintain this site and the provision and development of services in the future King Abdul Aziz University can change the provisions of this policy from time to time, and if such changes are made, they will be displayed on this page to insure the user’s awareness. Your continued use King Abdul Aziz university website on the basis of information contained in this publication policy implies your acceptance of such changes.

 King Abdul Aziz University Blogs’ Policy:

 King Abdul Aziz University  blogging policy:

 - The blogging entry should not be contrary to the teachings of our religion.

 - The blogging entry should not be hostile to a sect or provoke feuds between members of the community.

 - The blogging entry should not be aimed at marketing.

 - The blogging entry should not contain publicizing links, external links, private e-mail, groups,, Blackberry groups, or mobile phone number.

 - The blogging entry does not allow attacking or tossing insults or exposure to one employees of the university or any other legal person.

 - The blogging entry should not allow political participations in violation of the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 - The blogging entry should not allow the publishing of pictures and posts that are contrary to the teachings of our Islamic religion and considered as abrasion of public decency

 - The blogging entry must respect the rights of the author as to when using a quotation, the source must referenced.

 - King Abdul Aziz University blogs are committed to the recovery of lost content ( files and articles ) of your forum. Therefore,  you must keep a restoration memory of all your materials.

The procedure we follow in case of violation of the Blogging policy:

 1 - Delete the entry and send a warning message.

 2 - In the case of repeated violation from the same member, his or her blog is deleted and prevented from future blogging participation

  King Abdul Aziz University Forum Policy:

 • any entity affiliated with King Abdul Aziz University and carrying  special steering number assigned  the Department of Personnel can create its own forum as an affluent of  King Abdul Aziz University Forum by simply filling out the form.

 • The form will be sent to applications management of the  Deanship of Information Technology Portal in order to create such Forum for that entuty.

 • The entity designates monitors and supervisors of their own forum and notify the applications management, so that the University Portal by looking at quality of their contributions can upgrade from simple participant to observer or supervisor member.

 Moderators and Supervisors:

They are the most important factors for excellence and prosperity. Their mission resides in managing one of their individuals section which will ensure the continuation of its tender and submission of all useful novelties in their designated areas and the use of their granted authorities as expected; away from all that would weaken their determination.

 The moderators and supervisors’ tasks:

 1. Establish cooperation among them in order to upgrade the forum.

 2. The supervisor should be fully aware of the section he or she is supervising including looking at all the issues and all the replies.

 3. The supervisor can have optional external tasks which lie in the dissemination of the Forum, through sending invitations to colleagues, friends, or relationship as well as websites and search engines.

 4. Dealing with all the posts or replies that violate of the Forum Rules (defamation of religion, slander, libel and calumny ... etc).

 Moderators and Supervisors authorities:

 1. Delete Topic

 2. Close Thread

 3. Install Thread

 4. Transfer Thread

 Objectives of the Forum:

 1. To be a window for the convergence of ideas and their development.

 2. To be built on the basis of benefit from educational, academic and administrative experiences among members.

 3. To be a platform for submitting topics of interest provided that all the threads strictly observe high ethical moral standards

 4. To provide technical and administrative support to staff members.

 5. To provide distant training and necessary technical instructions for the applications used or provided by the entity.

 Terms and conditions:

 Now, we will divide these laws to:

    ( Editing - deleting posts - Deleting membership – aliases or nicknames - techniques )

   I - Editing:

  Among the authorities of the general supervisor  and section supervisors is to edit posts in the following cases:

   1. Improper words and occurring inadvertently will be deleted.

   2. Hints that may affect a member indirectly.

   3. Exposure to the rulers of the Arab countries and all religious scholars with calumny, which may generate discord and stir passions.

   4. Posts that contain abuse of other cultures and their attitudes or defamation.

   5. Criticizing wrongful expressions towards members themselves and their exposure to defamation.

   6. Provocative and ironic sentences, which may raise the ire of others. This may even involve deleting the post whenever most of it contains any of the previous violation. The supervisor is not obliged to provide any justification for the member when he or she edits his or her participation, delete, or move them to the right place, nor is the member  entitled to object publicly, but instead should write to the section supervisor for clarification about the rationale for the procedure, or resorting to the site manager via the site official e-mail as objection via other means will not be accepted.

  II- Deleting posts:

  Posts will be deleted any in the following cases: -

   1. Posts that violate laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

   2. Posts that violate laws and regulations of  King Abdul Aziz University.

   3. Posts offending public morality as a whole and display suggestive erotic instincts photos indirectly.

   4. Posts that contain literary thefts, which might jeopardize the reputation of the forum.

   5. Posts that contain direct flirting advancement to one of the members.

   6. Posts that contain spyware, intrusion or imbedding links to sites for training purposes

   7. Posts involving the deployment of malicious rumors or incitement to the ruling authorities or call for political gatherings which affect the orientations of the site.

   8. Posts that contain offensive projections to public morality and ethics.

   9. Links that connect indirectly to illegal or religiously unacceptable norm sites.

   10. Posts and links to imported problems from other sites.

   11. Posts that include objections to administrative procedures, Any objections going beyond the site manager e-mail will be deleted.

   12. Posts that contain (non- licensed ) software  for intellectual property rights purposes.

  III – Deleting Membership:

   Despite the great confidence in the members and upscale level in their ethics and morals, we wish to warn against actions that triggers the deletion of membership represented in the following cases:

    1. Exposure to the Lord Almighty or the Prophet peace be upon him, or to the Companions, God bless them, or the Koran or the Sunnah or to any of the teachings of the religion with insult sanctities or calumnies.

     2. Exposure to other doctrines which raises grudge.

     3. Broadcast stories, poems, pictures and pornographic websites.

     4. Exposure to a member with libel or verbal abuse and infringement on the self-image and abuse.

     5. Repeat writing flirting advancement topics to one of the members.

     6. Recurrence of rules’ violation

     7. Signing in using improper or prohibited nicknames.

     8. Deliberately putting  signature that  include inappropriate words or images.

     9. Attach files that contain viruses through the site  with the intent to harm others.

     10. Dumping the site with repeated topics.

     11. Reoccurrence of complaints about harassment of members by messages using site e- mail.

     12. Repeated use of the site as a means of propaganda to promote anti- Arab countries political parties.

     13. Infringement of a supervisor or administrator with insult and abuse.

     14. Repeated offense of  certain people and their names with libel and accusations.

  IV – Alias or nicknames:

   • The member’s user name must be clear and reflect a sound indication to his or her identity. The use of symbols such as a star or the dash or any other symbols that have no significance are not acceptable. The username should contain  no more than a minimum of two syllables.

  • You must choose your  alias or nickname  carefully and accurately, taking into account the above conditions, otherwise you will not be able to modify or cancel your nickname in the future which is considered your identity to access the Forum

   • Inform the Forum Management in the event of the discovery of the nickname theft in order to take necessary measures to prevent its misuse by others.


If there are any questions regarding publishing policy matters, please contact the Department or e-mail us.

 Administration                        extensions                               Email

  Site management                    67183 - 66914-68648              it.uwd @

  Management forums              66932-66914                 

  Administration codes             63964-63963                 

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