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 Associate Professor

Department of Department of Information Systems

Faculty of Computing and Information Technology in Rabigh

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Phone: 0531282400


Ahmad AbdulQadir Al Rababah

 Associate Professor


Ahmad AbdulQadir Al Rababah

Ph.D. Computing and Information Technology

Associate Professor

King Abdulaziz University

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  • 1998

    Doctorate degree from Computing TechnologyComputer Engineering, State University"Lviv Polytechnic", , المملكة العربية السعودية


  • 1998-2014

    ِAssociate Prof., Hail University+Jordan Universities, حلئل, المملكة العربية السعودية

Research Interests

Software Engineering, Quality Assurance, Software Testing and Maintenance,  Artificial  

        Intelligence, Information Technology, Information Systems.

Scientific interests


System Analysis and Design 451 COIS

Areas of expertise

Teaching and Research 1. Preparing and improving a full agenda for university colleges and department's committees, which manage their responsibilities and jobs according to the QA and teaching requirements. 2. Adopting a full description for all different committees according to the QA standards and policies. 3. Production of managing reports for the main roles of all committees to be submitted to the main QA committee. 4. Managing the coordination process among the department's level and faculty level committees. As example - supervision of many graduation projects. The practice of supervision consists of suggesting the project proposals, allocating the candidates; discussing the overall implementing process, preparing the project plan, determining the meetings dates and times, arranging the supervision meeting report, and submitting the all phases description to the QA. 5. Coordination of different courses including Software Engineering subjects, operating systems Internet and Computer skills. The process includes monitoring the contents of the course syllabus which is prepared according to the Quality Assurance (QA) requirements. In addition, held coordination meetings with the course tutors and a student representative to discuss the teaching process, textbook adopted, tutorials, assignments, exams, and the overall situation. As well the process also includes watching the exams content. All these coordination phases finished with preparing and submitting a coordination report to the Quality Assurance (QA) staff. 6. I have involved in different committees, especially Quality Assurance Management Committee at University Level, Faculty Level, and Department Level. The QA process is managed and monitored according to an agenda followed by all staff members to assure the quality of different teaching aspects. Different procedures to manage and monitor each aspect are in place with special forms were used for each aspect. The QA Management Process which I was involved in is a continuous process that depends on specified agenda set by the UQA (University Quality Assurance) committee. This agenda divides the term QA tasks into sub weeks tasks need to be achieved by all staff members and directed by the QA management officer. 7. Have the Technical and Educational aspects of using video- conference facilities in Saudi Arabia Universities for teaching girls in the female branches. 8. Develop and Deliver lectures in Software Engineering and Computer Science subjects, Both theory and practical. 9. Production of assessment tasks and assignments; to assess students work both formatively and summatively; I successfully developed high quality learning materials and use them effectively for students with a wide range abilities and skills.
Teaching and Research
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