Deanship of Graduate Studies


Article (62)

The University Board approves the regulations for the evaluation of the graduate studies programs as per the recommendations of the Council of the Deanship of Graduate Studies. The results of the evaluation should be submitted to the University Board.


Article (63)

At the end of each academic year, the Department Chairman should submit a report to the Dean of the College concerned and the Dean of Graduate Studies regarding the progress of graduate studies in the Department.


Article (63-1)

1.      The Head Department at the end of every academic year must prepare a report about the graduate studies in the Department and raise it to the Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific research of the faculty.


2.      The Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research of the faculty prepares one report for all departments and raise it to the Faculty Dean.


3.    The Faculty Dean sends the report to the Dean of Graduate Studies.








Article (64)

Whatever is not explicitly stated in this document should follow the rules of the Council of Higher Education and Universities and their implementation rules and regulations as practiced in the Kingdom.


Article (65)

This document will cancel all the previous graduate studies regulations in the Saudi Universities and it will be implemented from the first academic year following its approval date. The University Board may take the appropriate action in cases where students joined a University under the old regulations.


Article (65-1)

The students accepted for graduate studies before the issue of the Unified Regulation for Graduate Studies in Saudi Universities and its Implementing Rules, should follow this regulation, taking into consideration the following:

1.      The student will be exempted from academic requirements and the number of credit hours including the thesis.


2.      The extra periods which are more than what have been mentioned in Article 66, about cases of students who joined the graduate studies under the former Regulations, these periods should tackled and be covered.






Article (66)

A University Board may issue its own implementation rules regarding the progress of graduate studies without contradicting the rules and regulations of this document.


Article (66-1)

The University Board has the right to interpret these Implementation Rules without contradicting the Unified Regulations.


Article (66-2)

Each faculty must prepare its own Implementation Rules, without contradicting the Unified Regulation or its Implementation Rules. The Faculty raises its own Implementing Rules to the University Board, as per recommendations of the Faculty Board and the Council of Deanship of Graduate Studies, for approval.


Article (66-3)

These University Implementing Rules will be applied from the date of approval of the University Board. These Rules supersede all the former Implementing Rules.


Article (67)

The Council of Higher education and Universities has the right to interpret the regulations of this document.

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