Deanship of Graduate Studies


Article (4)

A Deanship of Graduate Studies will be established in all universities. The Dean will report to the Vice-Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research. The Deanship will supervise all programs of graduate studies in the University; coordinate them; recommend their approval where appropriate; and, subject them to periodic reviews.


The Council of the Deanship of Graduate Studies will consider issues relating to graduate studies in the University in general and make the necessary decisions within its authority

As per the Unified Regulations; specifically, the Council will:

1.            Propose/revise the general policy for graduate studies and its coordination with all University Colleges and institutes and follow-up its implementation after initial approval;


2.            Propose, in coordination with academic departments, the internal regulations concerning the organization of graduate studies;


3.            Propose criteria for admission to graduate studies and supervise their implementation;


4.            Recommend the approval of new programs of graduate studies and their coordination with existing programs;


5.            Recommend the approval of graduate courses as well as revise or change their contents;


6.            Recommend in Arabic and English, the names for the graduate degrees as per the recommendations of the college councils;


7.            Recommend the granting of degrees.


8.            Make final decisions in matters relating to graduate students affairs in the University;


9.            Approve the formation of thesis and dissertation committees, and report the relevant committee’s decision.


10.        Formulate the general guidelines for research plans; set up rules and regulations for writing theses/dissertations; print, submit and develop forms for their defense and evaluation;


11.        Evaluate periodically the graduate studies programs at the University through committees from within the University or from outside;


Study the periodic reports submitted by academic departments in the University and;

12.        Study the items referred to it by the University Board, or its Board Chairman, or the Rector.






Article (6)

The Council of Deanship of Graduate Studies consists of the following:

1. Dean of Graduate Studies, acting as the Chairman of the Council;

2. Dean of Scientific Research, member;

3. Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies, secretary general;

4. A faculty member, of associate professor rank (at least), from each College offering graduate programs, appointed by the University Board as per the recommendations of the College Council and the approval of the Rector, for a 2-years renewable term.

The Council shall meet at least once a month. A minimum of two-thirds of its members is required for a quorum. Its decisions are taken by simple majority, and in the case of a tie, the Chairman’s rule decides. The decisions of the Council should be considered final if there is no objection from the Rector within 15 days from the date received in the Rector’s office. The Council can form standing or temporal committees from its members or others and charge them with various tasks.


Article (6-1)

1.      A Vice-Dean in the Deanship of Graduate Studies is an ex-officio member of the Council of Deanship of Graduate Studies.


2.      The representative of the college in the Council of Deanship of Graduate Studies is preferred to be the Vice-Dean of the College for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.





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